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Frequently Asked Questions

Why geeksforgeeks is the best place to learn programming?

This platform can help people have a good understanding of various programming languages, data structures, and algorithms. GeeksforGeeks was developed by Sandeep Jain in 2009. He is an IIT Roorkee alumnus. Sandeep commenced it as a blog-based site with articles on programming questions. Later, he expanded it to courses.

How does geeksforgeeks work?

The platform provides you access to all types of training materials, from programming problems to practice for entrance exams, from basic to premium courses, etc. GeeksforGeeks shows an inclusive approach to all technical concepts and several ways to resolve programming problems that enable you to choose the appropriate solution.

How to prepare for a product-based giant company Coding interview?

Crack the interview of any product-based giant company by specifically preparing with the questions that these companies usually ask in their coding interview round. Refer GeeksforGeeks Company Specific Courses: Amazon SDE Test Series, etc.

What are the contents of geeksforgeeks?

The contents on GeeksforGeeks are divided into different categories for easy access by users. If you are interested in learning algorithms or data structures or a programming language, you can use this source. If you are searching for interview preparation material, GeeksforGeeks includes a bunch of company-wise interview experiences.

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