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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a company have to pay mileage?

An employer is not legally required to pay mileage unless there is a company policy or agreement with you to pay. You do have certain rights to deduct this mileage from your taxes if you meet certain requirements.

Do you claim mileage for company business?

Business mileage is an expense which reduces your company or sole trade profits, and therefore the amount of tax you pay at the end of the year. In short, claiming business miles is good news for you and your business. Who can claim business mileage? Both company directors and self-employed sole traders can claim.

What is corporate mileage rate?

The standard mileage rate 2017 is 53.5 cents per mile for all miles of business use (business standard mileage rate). This is a dip from the 2016 standard mileage rate of 54 cents per mile. There are many factors that go into the standard mileage rate, including the cost of gas.

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