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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a conservationist?

A Conservationist works in the protection of things, places, biological life and ecosystems. They are employed in a wide range of disciplines but essentially have the same job - preservation for future generations or for the health of the ecology or the planet. What Does a Conservationist Do?

What is conservation science and conservation?

But conservation is politics, economics, awareness, education, law enforcement, socioecology, social justice etc. It is a mistake to think that conservation is biology, or that conservation science is [necessarily] conservation.

How much does a conservationist make?

Conservation work can vary wildly depending on the discipline, and on where the professional chooses to work. Conservationists, who fall under the broader BLS category of conservation scientists and foresters, earned a median salary of $64,020 as of May 2020.*

What kind of jobs can you get with a conservation degree?

For ecology and landscape conservation, such state and Federal bodies as National Parks Service, the Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, National Resource Conservation are amongst some of the largest employment opportunities. Archaeological conservationists work in museums and at university departments and independently as consultants.

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