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Frequently Asked Questions

What does conservationists mean?

The definition of a conservationist is a person who works to protect animals or the Earth. Someone who is trying to save animals and stop deforestation is an example of a conservationist.

What does a conservationist do?

A conservationist is a person that dedicates his or her career to the preservation and awareness of nature and natural resources. There are many different jobs that a conservationist can perform, from writing books and articles about nature to heading a political action group dedicated to environmental law reform.

What is the plural of conservationist?

Noun. conservationist ( plural conservationists ) A person who maintains natural areas or protects threatened species. Someone who advocates for these actions. quotations . 2020 June 3, Andrew Mourant, "A safer railway in a greener habitat", in Rail, page 58: Over the past two years, particularly in 2018, Network Rail has come under fire ...

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