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Frequently Asked Questions

What did conservationists do in the Progressive Era?

Conservation in the Progressive Era Alarmed by the public's attitude toward natural resources as well as the exploitation of natural resources for private gain, conservationists called for federal supervision of the nation's resources and the preservation of those resources for future generations.

What was the early conservation movement?

The early conservation movement included fisheries and wildlife management, water, soil conservation, and sustainable forestry. The contemporary conservation movement has broadened from the early movement's emphasis on use of sustainable yield of natural resources and preservation of wilderness areas to include preservation of biodiversity.

Who are some famous people who are involved in conservation?

Clem Coetzee – (c. 1939–7 September 2006) Zimbabwean conservationist. He developed new methods of big game conservation. William O. Douglas – U.S. Supreme Court Justice who was an ardent conservationist. William O. Douglas Wilderness is named after him

What are some good books about the conservation movement?

Hays, Samuel P. Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency (1959), on Progressive Era. King, Judson. The Conservation Fight, From Theodore Roosevelt to the Tennessee Valley Authority (2009) Nash, Roderick. Wilderness and the American Mind, (3rd ed. 1982), the standard intellectual history Pinchot, Gifford (1922). "Conservation Policy" .

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