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Frequently Asked Questions

What is conversation exchange and how does it work?

Through conversation exchange, you learn things about the language and culture that you just can’t learn on your own. If you don’t speak much of the target language and the other person speaks a lot of yours, make sure your sessions don’t tilt towards the language that both of you speak better.

What is the difference between a conversation exchange and a penpal?

By having a conversation exchange you are practicing speaking and listening, while with a penpal you are practicing reading and writing. Here are some tips for corresponding with a penpal: Write your message half in your native language and half in the language of your penpal

What makes a good language exchange?

Traditionally, language exchanges are a conversation of two halves. For one half, you talk in your own native language, so your partner can practice their new skills. For the other half, you talk in your partner’s native language and practice your new skills. This requires trust, discipline and a degree of patience.

What is the best language exchange site for beginners?

3. LingoGlobe LingoGlobe is an all-in-one hub for first time and veteran language learners alike. The exchange site puts together all the necessary elements to language learning – interaction with native language speakers, free resource materials, and a community of fellow learners.

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