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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of conversation exchange?

For example, the native language of one conversation exchange partner is Spanish and they connect to their partner whose native language is English. They both speak their native languages in the conversation and, at the same time, they are learning their second language by listening to it.

How do I find a conversation exchange partner?

Effective way of finding a conversation exchange partner through their directory, based on your preferences. You can mark whether you want the system to connect you to a pen pal, a video chat conversation partner or find you a face-to-face language exchange partner.

What is conconversation exchange?

Conversation Exchange is a practical medium where language exchange, conversations and learning surface themselves. Meaningful dialogue among people their aspirations and ideas are shared.

How do I find conversations in exchange 2016?

You can find conversations by using the ExchangeService.FindConversation EWS Managed API method, as shown in the following example. This example gets the first 10 conversations in the Inbox folder that have a subject that contains the word "news".

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