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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pit style sectional couch?

A pit sectional couch from Bassett can serve as a great setting for an unlimited set of fun activities in your family room or living room. These modular sectional sofas can easily transform classic room seating into a conversation piece. The pit style sectional is a bold statement. Hosting a get together for your friends?

Is the conversation pit the perfect living room typology?

In the ensuing decades, the conversation pit became a popular living room typology. Architect Paul Rudolph renovated this New Haven, Connecticut, townhouse for himself with a conversation pit, houseplants, and artwork.

Where did the conversation pit come from?

The first conversation pit is largely credited to architect Bruce Goff's 1927 design for a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a sunken seating area. In the ensuing decades, the conversation pit, with its sunken couches and yards of cushions, became a popular living room typology.

How many poufs do I need to make a conversation pit?

If you only have one sofa, you can still add two poufs on each side of it (four altogether, or however many you can fit) to create a U shape, so that when people sit down, they’ll face each other, which is the general goal of a conversation pit. Stutz often buys hers on Etsy, shipped from Morocco.

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