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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the conversation pit come from?

The first conversation pit is largely credited to architect Bruce Goff's 1927 design for a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a sunken seating area. In the ensuing decades, the conversation pit, with its sunken couches and yards of cushions, became a popular living room typology.

Can you buy a sectional sofa as a conversation pit?

You can buy a completed sectional, pictured above, or all of the modular pieces, like ottomans and modules with armrests, to combine into a conversation pit. B&B also makes the similarly modular Tufty-Too. Ligne Roset’s Togo was first designed in the ’70s and they’ve been producing it for the 40 years since.

Is the conversation pit the perfect living room typology?

In the ensuing decades, the conversation pit became a popular living room typology. Architect Paul Rudolph renovated this New Haven, Connecticut, townhouse for himself with a conversation pit, houseplants, and artwork.

How many poufs do I need to make a conversation pit?

If you only have one sofa, you can still add two poufs on each side of it (four altogether, or however many you can fit) to create a U shape, so that when people sit down, they’ll face each other, which is the general goal of a conversation pit. Stutz often buys hers on Etsy, shipped from Morocco.

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