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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a conversation pit in a room?

You might be familiar with the term of conversation pit. It’s typically a feature that incorporates built-in seating and that is situated in a depressed section of flooring within a larger room. It could also be called a sunken sitting area. Most often, it features a coffee table in the center and it’s meant to be comfortable for those using it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of conversation pits?

The advantage for conversation pits is that they bring the users closer together and allows them to interact better than they would in a normal sitting area where the persons sit on chairs, sofas and ottomans. The seats here face each other although this is not a mandatory feature.

Are conversation pits from the 70s worth it?

Although conversation pits were seen in the early 20th century, it’s the 70’s era when conversation pits were known to really have taken off, according to Apartment Therapy, but today’s version is definitely way cooler, and much more magnificent than those of the 70’s.

Are seat walls a good design solution for a fire pit patio?

Whether you need to control the slope of your yard, or are just looking for a way to define the transition from one outdoor room to the next, a seat wall may be the design solution to your seating needs. . . . Seat walls provide an excellent design solution for fire pit patios.

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