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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shape for a conversation pit?

Most conversation pits are circular, square or rectangular. However, it depends on your space and your taste. You can be creative and make it triangular or even a pentagon.

What is a conconversation pit?

Conversation pits are designed just like any other living space. Almost all of them have an all-round sofa designs built into the pit. The design and upholstery of the pit can dictate the overall ambience of the living room. Most pits have a centre table; however, there can be other centre pieces, like a designer open fire and chimney.

What is a conversation pit&sunken sitting area?

Check out these conversation pits & sunken sitting areas, they create a more intimate atmosphere in which to gossip over a coffee, or provide a little hideaway to flop down into for rest and relaxation. To underscore the sleek geometric influence of this conversation pit style, a conical modern fireplace serves as a dramatic focal point.

How many poufs do I need to make a conversation pit?

If you only have one sofa, you can still add two poufs on each side of it (four altogether, or however many you can fit) to create a U shape, so that when people sit down, they’ll face each other, which is the general goal of a conversation pit. Stutz often buys hers on Etsy, shipped from Morocco.

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