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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a conversation pit in a house?

The conversation-pit concept influenced the popularity of the somewhat less radical sunken living room, most familiar from the Dick Van Dyke Show on TV. In the late 1990s conversation pits and sunken living rooms were offered in home plans as a way of creating an informal space within a large space.

When did the conversation pit living room become popular?

In the ensuing decades, the conversation pit became a popular living room typology. Architect Paul Rudolph renovated this New Haven, Connecticut, townhouse for himself with a conversation pit, houseplants, and artwork. The 1952 Miller House, designed by Saarinen and Girard, is often seen as the catalyst for the pit’s popularity.

Who invented the first conversation pit?

The first conversation pit is largely credited to architect Bruce Goff, who designed a 1927 home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a sunken seating area.

Who designed the conversation pit at the Miller House?

The conversation pit at the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana, by Eero Saarinen with textiles designed by Alexander Girard. The home was considered one of the pioneers of the sunken living room.

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