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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using conversation questions with teflpedia?

Teflpedia's conversation questions have the advantage of you, as a teacher, being able to add to the existing questions and/or getting your students to do so as a group activity. Before using conversation questions teachers need to consider the following:

What are some ESL conversation topics for adults?

Here are some ESL conversation topics for adults that you can include in your lessons. Most students, regardless of whether they’re beginners or advanced, love talking about their hobbies, interests, or free time activities! Let your learners elaborate on their favorite music, books, sports, or anything they’re passionate about.

What is a conversation question?

A conversation question (/kɒnvəseɪʃən kwesʧən/), also a discussion question (/dɪskʌʃən kwesʧən/) is a question that is used to start a conversation or discussion . Teflpedia's own list of conversation questions can be found here and we recommend that you take a look at them.

What are some mindful conversation topics for your friends?

Mindful Conversation Topics for Your Friends. 30. What do you look for and need in your friendships? 31. How do you feel that you best offer love and support to your friends? 32. Tell me about your childhood best friend. 33. When do you feel most authentically yourself? 34. What's one form of self-expression you've been too hesitant to explore?

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