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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a person a good conversationalist?

A good conversationalist is a person who can easily carry out a conversation, be it small talk, or important conversations with people. A lot of people struggle to even make small talk with people.

What is a converse conversation?

Conversation is defined as exchange of words, ideas, thoughts and information between two or more people. Conversation is the fundamental method of getting to know another person, sharing your knowledge, and in general, talking to another person. Seems like an easy concept, right? Unfortunately, not everyone is a gifted conversationalist.

Are You lucky enough to know some brilliant conversationalists?

Equally you may be fortunate enough to know some brilliant conversationalists who can enliven any discussion and who are excellent company whatever the circumstances. In what category would other people place you?

How to have an interesting conversation with your friends?

When discussing serious topics be prepared to oppose the conventional view and to take a rather provocative stance – even just for the sake of doing so. This will lead to a more interesting conversation than if you just agree with what is said.

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