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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to be a good conversationalist?

Whether you love standing around and chatting or cringe at the thought of yet another “forced” conversation, being a good conversationalist is important for both networking and forming office relationships. So, let’s talk—specifically, about how you can improve your conversational skills. These 10 links will help.

What is a conversational receptionist and ambassador?

As a Conversational Receptionist and ambassador on our team, you will play the most critical role by fulfilling our company’s purpose and promise to our business customers. Our receptionists are often the first employee of an organization to have contact with a customer or client.

Do you talk too much for good conversation?

Remember, good conversation is just as much listening as talking—so find out if you talk too much. (Wall Street Journal) Want to improve your communication skills even more? Check out our suggestions!

How do you have a meaningful conversation with your partner?

A conversation should be an avenue where opinions are aired, not a battleground to pit one’s stance against another. Chat, discuss, and trash out ideas, but do so amiably. There’s no need to have a conclusion or agreement point in every discussion; if a convergence has to be met for every discussion point, the conversation becomes very draining.

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