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Frequently Asked Questions

What is conversations with friends about?

Conversations With Friends will follow last year's hit Normal People, which was also adapted from a Rooney novel. And like Normal People, the follow-up is set in Dublin, made by BBC Three and Hulu, and could make stars of its cast. The story follows the tangled relationships of four friends.

Who plays Melissa in conversations with friends?

Kirke is known for playing Jessa in her childhood friend Lena Dunham's series Girls, and has joined the cast of the forthcoming third season of Netflix comedy Sex Education as the new headmistress. The 35-year-old will star in Conversations With Friends as Nick's wife Melissa, a writer who is fascinated by Frances and Bobbi.

What is ‘conversations with friends’ on Hulu?

Conversations With Friends follows the wild success of the Hulu miniseries Normal People, which premiered to critical acclaim and socially distanced fan fervor in April 2020 before garnering several Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. This content is imported from Instagram.

Who are Joe Alwyn and Alison Oliver in ‘ conversations with friends’?

Joe Alwyn and newcomer Alison Oliver will star in the Hulu series, which comes from the same creative team that adapted Rooney’s ‘Normal People.’ Where Normal People leads, Conversations With Friends will follow.

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