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Frequently Asked Questions

What is prefix conversion?

What is Prefix conversion? An infix expression is an expression in which the operators are written between the two operands. If we move the operator before the operands then it is known as a prefix expression. In other words, prefix expression can be defined as an expression in which all the operators precede the two operands. For example:

Is there a type conversion operator between an expression and type?

No conversion operator is defined between expression .Type and type. The following code example shows how to create an expression that represents a type conversion operation. // Add the following directive to your file: // using System.Linq.Expressions; // This expression represents a type conversion operation.

How to convert an expression to an equivalent entity expression?

The base provider would then convert the Expression<Func<TDto, bool>> into the equivalent entity expression, and load the data as before, therefore removing the need to write tedious methods and give us more control in the calling code.

Where do the warnings show up during expression conversion?

During expression conversion (when using -e), the warnings show up in the current directory with a name “warn_expr”. This file is in a standard log file format, with date/time stamp and log level. Previous instances of the file are kept with suffixes like “.1”, “.2”, and so forth as the tool is run multiple times. At most 10 instances will be kept.

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