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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kindle use .Mobi or .EPUB?

MOBI to EPUB Converter makes it possible that you can read Kindle books on more ereader or transfer Kindle MOBI books to other devices. MOBI format is specialized for Kindle device. Because Kindle is not an open source format, currently the ereader supports MOBI is not so many.

How do you convert PDF files to kindle?

Convert PDF to Kindle Format. Go to the "Home" tab. Click the "Convert to Word" button, or "To Others" button to get more options to activate the conversion process. Choose a destination folder to save the output files. Hit the "OK" button and you will see the Kindle-friendly files saved for your use.

What is a PDF file converter?

PDF Converter usually converts PDF file into another file format, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Plain text, html, image, and so on. It should have clear understanding of PDF document structure as well as target file format structure.

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