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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free PDF converter?

Slim PDF. A PDF reader that's super fast and super lightweight. Operating system: Windows. Only 1.43 MB in size. Loads extremely quickly. Can convert file types.

How do you convert a DVD to MP3?

Install and launch the program. Hit the left Add button on top menu to import the DVD file. Forward to Audio option and choose “MP3” format. Set the output folder then click “Convert” button. Wait for a while and the MP3 will be saved on your PC.

How do you change music files to MP3?

Drag the MP4 music files you want to convert to MP3 into iTunes. Open iTunes preferences, select the "General" settings tab, and click the "Import Settings" button. Select the "MP3 Encoder" from the "Import Settings" menu. Click "OK" to apply this change.

How do I convert audible files to MP3?

Click the orange “start recording” button and wait for the tool’s window to launch. On the application’s window, click “audio input” and select “system sound”. Hit “Options” and choose the output format as MP3. Then, you can begin to convert audible files to MP3 free. Play your audiobook and click the “record” button.

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