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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert a SVG file to a PDF file?

I'll just add that you will need to fit page to your svg otherwise it will be truncated. Within Inkscape: File -> Document properties -> Select your svg objects -> fit page to selection. Here you can choose to save the file as PDF, PostScript or SVG.

How do I export a SVG file from Inkscape?

Inkscape (v1.0) supports command-line options, and that is how I prefer to do it: inkscape mySVGinputFile.svg --export-area-drawing --batch-process --export-type=pdf --export-filename=output.pdf Prior to v1.0, the command-line options were different. As of Inkscape (v0.91), this was the equivalent:

Is there a way to generate an SVG file in latex?

This is actually the command that LyX uses to prepare SVG images for use in LaTeX. I have used PlantUML to generate SVG, which then goes into PDF. Here's a screenshot of the SVG in inkscape, which has pure vectorial representation (including fonts).

How do I convert a PDF file to png?

Set the DPI and Save. In the Zip file you will find the PDF file as supposed to. If you are converting it for sharing purposes then export it as png. In the files tab there is a seperate option for exporting in as png. It will save you from a lot of trouble.

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