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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert a PDF file to XML?

A PDF file can easily be converted to an XML file by following a few simple steps. Launch the Adobe Acrobat Pro program. Open the PDF document that you want to convert to an XML file. Click once on the "Export" drop down menu, and select the "XML" conversion option.

How do I convert JSON to PDF?

Download your converted PDF documents in JSON format. To obtain the data in JSON, you simply select the “Download Links” tab from the App interface and choose JSON as the output. You can either choose to download the JSON data of one single PDF document or group the data of several documents together in one single file.

How do I write a file in Python?

In order to open a file for writing or use in Python, you must rely on the built-in open () function. As explained above, open ( ) will return a file object, so it is most commonly used with two arguments. An argument is nothing more than a value that has been provided to a function, which is relayed when you call it.

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