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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lawrenceville cooperative ministry?

The Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry is a Christian organization providing food for people in need in Lawrenceville and Dacula. Service with Christian love, preservation of client dignity, promotion of self-responsibility, and partnership with other community service providers.

How often do clients receive food from the Lawrenceville co-op?

Clients may receive food from the Lawrenceville Co-Op once every 30 days. The food provided is enough to feed a family for approximately one week. Available food includes canned goods, as well as bread and other bakery items donated by local grocery stores.

What is Neighborhood cooperative ministries?

Helping those in crisis by collaborating with the community to offer programs and services that transform lives through the love of Christ. Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries serves a broader area than just Norcross.

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