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Frequently Asked Questions

How do CoverMyMeds work?

CoverMyMeds works by providing access to a drug plan's formulary and Coverage Determination request forms, and then allowing the forms to be filled out online. The coverage determination requests then can be downloaded by the doctor, signed, and faxed to the drug plan. You can read more about how CoverMyMeds works for physicians or for ...

What is cover my meds?

CoverMyMeds is a healthcare software company that creates software to automate the prior authorization process used by some health insurance companies in the United States. The company was founded in 2008 and has offices in Ohio. Since early 2017, it has operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of McKesson Corporation.

What is Medicaid prior authorization?

Certain medical services and equipment require you to get permission from your Medicaid agency before they will cover the costs. “Prior authorization” is a process for a Medicaid agency to review a request for services or equipment before the services or equipment are provided to you.

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