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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoverMyMeds and how does it work?

CoverMyMeds streamlines the medication PA process, electronically connecting providers, pharmacists and plan/PBMs to improve time to therapy and decrease prescription abandonment with electronic prior authorization (ePA). Without CoverMyMeds, 36 percent of prescriptions will be abandoned each year as a result of PA.

Is CoverMyMeds HIPAA compliant?

Our electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution is HIPAA compliant and available for all plans and all medications at no cost to providers and their staff. Spend more time with your patients by reducing paperwork, phone calls and faxes to the plan. CoverMyMeds’ team of PA experts will respond immediately via phone or live chat.

What is the Humana prescribing guide?

This guide helps prescribers determine which Humana medication resource to contact for prior authorization, step therapy, quantity limits, medication exceptions, appeals, precertification and claims. It also provides applicable phone, fax and Web contact information.

How do I contact CoverMyMeds support?

Visit our support page. Please note: CoverMyMeds requires a browser feature called JavaScript for full functionality. All modern browsers support JavaScript. Please see How to enable JavaScript in your browser, or contact [email protected] with any additional questions or concerns.

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