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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoverMyMeds and how does it work?

CoverMyMeds streamlines the medication PA process, electronically connecting providers, pharmacists and plan/PBMs to improve time to therapy and decrease prescription abandonment with electronic prior authorization (ePA). Without CoverMyMeds, 36 percent of prescriptions will be abandoned each year as a result of PA.

Is CoverMyMeds HIPAA compliant?

Our electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution is HIPAA compliant and available for all plans and all medications at no cost to providers and their staff. Spend more time with your patients by reducing paperwork, phone calls and faxes to the plan. CoverMyMeds’ team of PA experts will respond immediately via phone or live chat.

How much does CoverMyMeds pay per year?

Select your job title and find out how much you could make at CoverMyMeds. How much does CoverMyMeds pay per year? The average CoverMyMeds salary ranges from approximately $46,534 per year for an Account Specialist to $190,221 per year for a Director.

How do I Opt Out of CoverMyMeds' communications?

HOW TO OPT OUT OF CERTAIN COMMUNICATIONS. You can contact us at our toll-free number 1-866-452-5017, or send a toll-free fax to 1-844-865- 3740, at any time if you wish to disable CoverMyMeds’ substitution of its fax number for yours on PA requests that you create for submission to a health plan, PBM or other payor.

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