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Frequently Asked Questions

What does covet means in the Bible?

Holman Bible Dictionary. Covet, Covetous. The inordinate desire to possess what belongs to another, usually tangible things. While the Hebrew word for “covet” can also be translated “to desire,” in the Tenth Commandment it means an ungoverned and selfish desire that threatens the basic rights of others.

What does it mean to covet something?

To covet is defined as to strongly want something that someone else has. An example of to covet is to dream of owning the car that your neighbor drives.

What is another word for covet?

Synonyms for covet. mid-13c., from Old French coveitier "covet, desire, lust after" (12c., Modern French convoiter, influenced by con- words), probably ultimately from Latin cupiditas "passionate desire, eagerness, ambition," from cupidus "very desirous," from cupere "long for, desire" (see cupidity ). Related: Coveted; coveting.

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