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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the part number for a craftsman riding lawn mower?

Craftsman Lawn Mower Parts & Models Popular Craftsman Lawn Mower Parts Band Saw Blade Guide Part Number: 823572

Do craftsman lawn mowers have flange bearings?

Because bearings are high-wear parts, it is not unusual to replace them often. This flange bearing is sold individually. This replacement front wheel and tire assembly is specially designed for use with Craftsman walk-behind lawn mowers. The purpose of a wheel is to allow mower to be mobile.

Where is the wheel bearing on a craftsman lawn tractor?

This part is from original manufacturer. It is found in many models of Craftsman lawn tractor. This bearing fits between the rim and tire. A bearing secures a moving part for correct directional movement while allowing rotation.

How do I Find my Sears Craftsman model number?

Scroll to select the your model number from diagrams below. Locate the parts you need and note the part number. Sears Craftsman Manuals Scroll & click to view PDF. You can also press (Ctrl+F) on your keyboard and type the model # exclude the 944.)

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