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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of parts do you need for a craftsman mower?

Mower Parts Keep your mower running strong with CRAFTSMAN® replacement blades, air, oil and fuel filters, spark plugs, and belts for riding mowers.

Does Lowes sell Craftsman lawn mower parts?

Find CRAFTSMAN lawn mower parts & accessories at Lowe's today. Shop lawn mower parts & accessories and a variety of outdoors products online at

What if my Craftsman product needs repair or maintenance?

Like all tools and equipment, CRAFTSMAN products sometimes wear down and need repair or maintenance. Fortunately, you have several options to fix your products. Your product’s model number determines the service outlet that will best be able to meet your needs. Below is a model number example. Can’t locate your model number?

Can You restore a craftsman chainsaw?

After a while, these tools can wear down. Rather than tossing your tools out, you can often restore them to like-new condition with basic replacement parts. Craftsman chainsaws—Craftsman chainsaws are known for delivering power, but if your tool won't start, the problem may be a bad spark plug.

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