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Frequently Asked Questions

What cruise ships are in Port of Tampa?

Tampa Cruises One of America's most popular cruise departure ports is Tampa, Florida. This warm Gulf Coast port offers year round cruises with enough variety that there's something to fit anyone's budget. The four cruise lines sailing from Tampa are Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Holland America Line.

What is the closest cruise port to Tampa?

The two closest cruise ports to Orlando are Port Canaveral and Tampa. PC is about 45 minutes or so and Tampa about and hour. Port Canaveral is only a few minutes from Cape Canaveral and it offers more cruising options than Tampa for Caribbean destinations.

Where is Carnival Cruise Terminal in Tampa?

The Tampa Cruise Terminal is a major departure point for cruises to the Western Caribbean and Mexico. It is conveniently located in downtown Tampa Florida.

Where is the cruise port in Tampa Bay?

Port Tampa Bay. The port directly accesses Tampa Bay on the western coast of the Florida Suncoast, and is approximately 25 sea miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The boundaries of the Port district includes parts of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Bay, McKay Bay, Old Tampa Bay and the Hillsborough River. The port serves container ships, tank ships, and cruise lines.

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