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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CTR stand for?

CTR Stands for "Click-Through Rate," and is used in online advertising. Web publishers typically generate revenue from advertisers each time a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements (the PPC model). Therefore, publishers are interested what percentage of page views result in clicks on the advertisements.

How important is CTR?

Online marketers can consider this as a reward from the advertisement platform. Your CTR is important is because it brings down your CPC (Cost-per-click), this ultimately impacts the efficiency, indirectly you will be getting a lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of a new customer.

What is CTR form?

The full form of CTR is "Click Through Rate". CTR is used to measure success of an advertising campaign. This success is determined by the ratio of number of clicks to the number of impressions of that advertisement. For example, 100 users see the advertisement and only 1 of those 100 users click on the ad.

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