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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best money transfer service?

Xoom (powered by PayPal) is regarded as one of the best money transfer services worldwide. They’ve been providing quick, affordable, and convenient money transfer services since 2001. The best perk of Xoom is online-to-offline money transferring.

What is the cheapest money transfer service?

Leading services like OFX and TorFX are often the cheapest and best ways to send money internationally for amounts more than $7000 USD. Both these are going to run rings around your bank in terms of costs but they also become cheaper as the amounts increase making them a clear choice.

How to choose reliable international money transfer services?

How to Choose Reliable International Money Transfer Services Transaction Costs. There are companies which provide good exchange rates but impose high transaction costs. ... Fees and Rates. Before considering one, it's ideal that you compare also the rates of exchange being offered. ... Dealing with a Company that is Convenient. ... Currencies Required. ... Learning More About the Company you Opt to Choose. ... More items...

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