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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of current?

Definition of current (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : the part of a fluid body (such as air or water) moving continuously in a certain direction. b : the swiftest part of a stream.

What is a synonym for currently?

Synonyms for Currently: adv •currently (adverb) immediately, contemporaneously, contemporarily. •newly (adverb) novelly, recently, topically, newly, Modernly, lately, freshly, contemporarily. adv. •all (adverb) presently. •currently (adverb) immediately, contemporaneously, contemporarily.

What is current information?

A current research information system (CRIS) is a database or other information system to store and manage data about research conducted at an institution.

What is current law?

Current Law. The current law is one of the main tools for the analysis of electric circuits, along with Ohm's Law, the voltage law and the power relationship. Applying the current law to the above circuits along with Ohm's law and the rules for combining resistors gives the numbers shown below.

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