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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CYL mean in text?

CYL is an acronym that stands for "Catch ya later," which is another way of saying, "See you later." It is typically used online or in text messages when ending a conversation. The acronym is most often used in casual contexts between adults, but may also be used by teenagers.

How to transpose minus CYL?

Transpose a prescription written in plus cylinder form to minus cylinder form as follows: 1. Add the sphere and cylinder powers to determine the new sphere power. 2. Change the sign of the cylinder. 3. Change the axis by 90 degrees. Transpose -3.00 +2.00 x 30

What is CYL choke?

Cyl or skt choke is just the ticket for hunting quail on overgrown river bottoms behind good pointing dogs. I've always liked open chokes for the close-in hunting situations, strictly instinctive point-and-shoot.

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