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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my staking rewards appear in the Daedalus wallet?

After three full epochs have passed since a user joined a particular stake pool, the first staking rewards will begin appearing in the Daedalus wallet. As of press time, Daedalus allows users to export a summary of their rewards as a CSV file. Redelegating staked ADA is a pretty straightforward process, too.

How do I delegate my funds to Daedalus?

The delegation center on the Daedalus wallet will provide users with a list of their wallets—users can choose the wallet that holds the funds they want to delegate. The selected wallet must contain a minimum of 10 ADA for delegation to be an option.

How do I restore my Daedalus wallet?

If you have not previously created a Daedalus wallet, skip to the next step. Select “Add wallet” at the bottom of the screen, and the select “Restore”. Select the type of wallet you would like to restore and click “Continue”.

What is the best wallet for Ada?

Daedalus is a secure wallet for the ada cryptocurrency. Download and install the wallet so you can keep your ada safe. Daedalus is a full node wallet. This means that unlike light wallets (e.g.Yoroi, Adalite etc.) Daedalus downloads a full copy of the Cardano blockchain and independently validates every transaction in its history.

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