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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with Daedalus wallet?

To get started, visit their official website Click > Get Started > The Daedalus Wallet. Click > Download. You’ll be navigated to the Daedalus Wallet Website > Click > Download. As of right now, Daedalus Wallet only supports Windows and MacOS.

How do I install Daedalus on my computer?

The Daedalus installer package will unpack and install Daedalus wallet on your computer. Once the installation is complete, launch the Daedalus app using the desktop icon. This will start Daedalus wallet. Select your language, number, date and time format, and click Continue. If you agree with the terms of service you may click Continue.

How are the icons ordered in Daedalus?

The icons are ordered according to the sequence that Daedalus starts up. When Daedalus starts all the icons will be red but they should change to green as Daedalus progresses through its startup sequence.

How do I delegate my Ada to a Daedalus Shelley wallet?

Once your ada is in your Daedalus Shelley mainnet wallet, you can start the delegation process. We go through this step-by-step below: On the left of your Daedalus wallet, click the network icon. This takes you into the delegation center; 2. Once you are in the delegation center, you will see a list of your wallets.

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