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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the security of the Daedalus wallet?

The Daedalus wallet generates a 12-word seed phrase upon wallet creation, to ensure that the wallet funds can be recovered by its true owner. It is also protected by a password that is required each time you send funds out of the wallet.

Is Daedalus the best Cardano wallet?

But compared to other top cryptos, there are very few Cardano wallets and, as a result, Daedalus is among the most popular ADA wallet options. The wallet has also recently added a staking testnet for Cardano. The only cryptocurrency that is supported is Cardano, as this wallet was specifically built to hold ADA.

How much does it cost to download Daedalus?

Daedalus Wallet Fees There are no fees charged for downloading Daedalus. However, there are transaction fees charged by the network. The minimal fee included is calculated based on the formula: a+b *size where:

What is the best wallet for Ada?

Daedalus is a secure wallet for the ada cryptocurrency. Download and install the wallet so you can keep your ada safe. Daedalus is a full node wallet. This means that unlike light wallets (e.g.Yoroi, Adalite etc.) Daedalus downloads a full copy of the Cardano blockchain and independently validates every transaction in its history.

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