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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capstone project?

In the Capstone Project, you will use real data to address an important issue in society, and report your findings in a professional-quality report. You will have the opportunity to work with our industry partners, DRIVENDATA and The Connection.

What is analysis and interpretation of data?

Analysis and interpretation of data. 1. ANALYSIS and INTERPRETATION provide answers to the research questions postulated in the study. ANALYSIS means the ordering, manipulating, and summarizing of data to obtain answers to research questions.

How do I apply for financial aid for a capstone project?

Apply for it by clicking on the Financial Aid link beneath the "Enroll" button on the left. You'll be prompted to complete an application and will be notified if you are approved. You'll need to complete this step for each course in the Specialization, including the Capstone Project.

What is Module 3 in data analysis?

Module 3. Exploratory Data Analysis In this Module, your goals are to 1) explore your data more extensively through descriptive and basic statistical analyses and data visualization; and 2) complete Milestone Assignment 3 as described in the Assignment.

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