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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of data analysis and interpretation?

Data analysis and interpretation, regardless of method and qualitative/quantitative status, may include the following characteristics: 1 Data identification and explanation 2 Comparing and contrasting of data 3 Identification of data outliers 4 Future predictions

What are data analysis skills?

Definition Data analysis skills: the ability to gather, analyze and draw practical conclusions from data, as well as communicate data findings to others.

What is the purpose of the analysis?

Presenting the findings: rigorous notations, stories, summaries WHY DO WE ANALYZE DATA The purpose of analysing data is to obtain usable and useful information. The analysis, irrespective of whether the data is qualitative or quantitative, may: describe and summarise the data

Why is data interpretation important?

Data analysis and interpretation are critical to develop sound conclusions and make better informed decisions. As we have seen all along this article, there is an art and science to the interpretation of data. Hereafter is a list-summary of how to interpret data and some tips:

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