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Frequently Asked Questions

When to report a data breach?

Companies and organisations are responsible for data breaches, but don’t have to report them, although it’s generally deemed as good practice to report a breach. However, they do not always have a legal obligation to report a data breach under the Data Protection Act (DPA), but this is all set to change in 2018 when the EU GDPR comes into force.

What to do when a data breach occurs?

Select individuals from different departments that will be involved when a data breach occurs, such as executive management, IT, HR, public relations, legal and operations. Identify the roles each incident response team member will play and ensure they have the authority to execute the required actions.

When should an organization report a data breach?

Typically, a data breach is a lost or misplaced USB stick or an employee sending an email to an unintended recipient. Under the new data breach reporting rules, organizations must report a data breach if it is reasonable to believe that the breach creates a real risk of significant harm to an individual.

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