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Frequently Asked Questions

How can server consolidation benefit your data center?

How server consolidation can benefit your data center The benefits of server consolidation include greater computing efficiency, lower power and cooling costs, and the flexibility to migrate workloads between physical servers.

What is data center planning?

Data center capacity planning is the establishment of a strategy that ensures an IT organization's computing resources, power load, footprint and cooling capacity will be able to meet the workload demands of its users and customers.

What is data processing centre or data center?

What Is A Data Processing Centre (Data Center) A central data processing service is commonly used to fill a critical mission on computers and telematics. It generally includes environmental controls (air conditioning system to prevent against fire, etc.), Emergency power and redundant, and a high physical security.

What is dynamic data center?

Dynamic data centers are designed in a way such that the underlying hardware and software layers can respond dynamically to changing levels of demand in more fundamental and efficient ways. It is also known as Infrastructure 2.0 and Next Generation Data Center.

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