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Frequently Asked Questions

What are datadata center curtains?

Data Center Curtains are an economical energy saving solution in server rooms often utilizing curtain materials in clean rooms, but using one of the highest grade PVC’s, above in performance from convenience and grocery stores.

How to choose the best data center containment curtains?

Hot-aisle/cold-aisle data center containment curtains are best where server racks are lined up in alternating rows with cold-air intakes all facing one aisle and hot-air exhausts facing the other. Cool air is vented into the cold air aisles, directed through the computer racks, and into the warm air aisles.

Why choose steelsteel Guard's data center curtains?

Steel Guard’s Data Center Air Containment Curtains are custom configured to your application and can be affixed to drop ceilings inside your technology center by direct ceiling mount or a “drop down” lanyard mount. Eliminates Hot Spots and Overcooled Zones, Improving Performance

What are cold aisle containment curtains?

Data Center Cold Aisle Containment Curtains are the most economical way to create a barrier that guides Cold air from the perforated floor tiles in front of the server cabinets to be delivered to the air inlets in the racks. Cold Aisle Containment prevents the cold air from mixing with the warm air around the equipment before it reaches the racks.

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