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Frequently Asked Questions

What are policies procedures guidelines standards?

What are policies procedures guidelines standards. Policies Policies are long-term, high-level management instructions on how the organization is to be run and generally are driven by legal concerns (due diligence). Policies reflect an organization's goals, objectives, culture and are intended for broad audiences.

What is data security policy?

Companies enact a data security policy for the sole purpose of ensuring data privacy or the privacy of their consumers' information. More so, companies must ensure data privacy because the information is an asset to the company. A data security policy is simply the means to the desired end, which is data privacy.

What is data processing centre or data center?

What Is A Data Processing Centre (Data Center) A central data processing service is commonly used to fill a critical mission on computers and telematics. It generally includes environmental controls (air conditioning system to prevent against fire, etc.), Emergency power and redundant, and a high physical security.

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