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Frequently Asked Questions

How is data governance handled across the organization?

In this framework, data governance is handled across the organization within the framework of these processes and structures.

Why use the DGI data governance framework?

Why Use the DGI Data Governance Framework? Everything a company does should tie to one of three universal executive drivers " effortsIncrease revenue and value " Manage cost and complexity " Ensure survival through attention to risk and vulnerabilities: compliance, security, privacy, etc.

What is ISACA ®?

For 50 years and counting, ISACA ® has been helping information systems governance, control, risk, security, audit/assurance and business and cybersecurity professionals, and enterprises succeed.

What support does your data governance need?

To be successful in establishing and enforcing policies, standards, and other types of rules, your Data Governance need to provide the type of support that’s built into the DGI Data Governance Framework. The DGI Data Governance Framework © The Data Governance Institute Page 15 of 20

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