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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between data governance?

In the simplest terms, data governance establishes policies and procedures around data, while data management enacts those policies and procedures to compile and use that data for decision-making. To unpack this idea further, it helps to understand what each of these concepts is to better understand how they operate together in practice.

What is a data governance analyst?

Career Definition of Data Governance Analyst. A data governance analyst specializes in managing the information flow for organizations, including the integrity, efficiency, and availability of data. These analysts are needed in a variety of industries, including technical services firms or financial services agencies.

What is the job of a data manager?

Data managers are responsible for handling database systems, and they develop policies, ideas, procedures, and (as needed) assign tasks to other employees. Data managers interact with a number of individuals within the company, from data entry clerks to corporate executives.

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