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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the data governance set?

The set features high-definition vector-based illustrations and comes with a dedicated customer support. Data Governance is a set of defined processes that deals with the quality, availability, and integrity of data in an organization.

What is the data governance council (DGC) working group?

On January 8th 2019, during the Data Governance Council (DGC) meeting a proposal was discussed on creating a workgroup to manage the development, deployment, and reporting requirements of the data maturity assessment for VA and its corresponding tool. (e.g., GAO-04-394G, 2004, ITIM: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Process Maturity).

What is the true function of governance in the Enterprise?

“The true function of governance is to actively link integrated business and technology teams with corporate and strategic initiatives. Within this context, governance becomes an integral part of enterprise line management.

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