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Frequently Asked Questions

What is immuta data governance?

Description: Immuta’s automated data governance platform lets users discover and access data through a dedicated data catalog. The product features an intuitive policy builder that provides author policies in plain English, without code so security leaders can write policies across any data.

What is immuta?

Immuta empowers data engineering and operations teams to automate data access control, governance, and privacy protection. Leaders in Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Government, Manufacturing, and more trust Immuta to automate data access control.

What is immimmuta’s privacy enhancing technology?

Immuta’s advanced privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) dynamically mask and anonymize sensitive data – with mathematical guarantees – to accelerate data sharing and grow use cases by 400%. Article What is Fine-Grained Access Control?

What is immimmuta's policy builder?

Immuta’s flexible Policy Builder empowers data teams to create automated policies to govern cloud data use – scaling user adoption, eliminating approval bottlenecks, and providing trust with compliance and governance teams.

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