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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between data mining and business intelligence?

Even though they are from the same field, the notions itself are different and should not be compared. Business intelligence is a set of techniques of getting/storing business-related information, while data mining is a process of obtaining the right data out of large datasets. Historically, business intelligence was there long before.

What is the best business intelligence tool?

Top Business Intelligence Tools – Business intelligence tools are application software that are used to retrieve, analyze, sort, filter, process and report data from business intelligence solution. These tools read raw data that is stored, in a data warehouse or data mart or info cube or tables in a database.

What is the best source for data mining?

RapidMiner is one of the most popular data mining tool available for free. It is an open source data mining software. The best thing is that users do not need to write codes.

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