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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of data mining?

The first example of Data Mining and Business Intelligence comes from service providers in the mobile phone and utilities industries. Mobile phone and utilities companies use Data Mining and Business Intelligence to predict ‘churn’, the terms they use for when a customer leaves their company to get their phone/gas/broadband from another provider.

What are outliers in data mining?

Outliers are data objects with characteristic that are much different from most of the other data objects in the data set, and it’s may be useful. Noise is a random error (or a modification of original values) that is not interesting or desirable. In data mining there are two type of noise (class noise and attributes noise).

What does data mining refer to?

Data Mining refers to a process by which patterns are extracted from data. Such patterns often provide insights into relationships that can be used to improve business decision making.

Is data mining dangerous?

Mining is dangerous! (Don’t drink and mine!) According to ancient data, planetary mining was the single most dangerous industry for workers, until automated machines with artificial intelligence and nanobots were invented and human workers were replaced by those machines.

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