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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Python or R?

Python is better for building analytics tools. R and Python are equally good if you want to find outliers in a dataset, but if you want to create a web service to enable other people to upload datasets and find outliers, Python is better.

What are data mining tasks?

Tasks in Data Mining. The tasks in data mining are either automatic or semi automatic analysis of large volume of data which are extracted to check for previously unknown interesting patterns. These are cluster analysis, anomaly detection on unusual records and dependencies check using the association rule mining.

What is a data module in Python?

The data access module, arcpy.da, is a Python module for working with data. It allows control of the edit session, edit operation, improved cursor support (including faster performance), functions for converting tables and feature classes to and from NumPy arrays, and support for versioning, replicas, domains, and subtypes workflows.

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