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Frequently Asked Questions

How is EMR data used in healthcare?

Electronic medical record (EMR) data are becoming common for health care delivery. EMR data are input by providers in the process of providing care. Health care statistics are derived from EMR data warehouses. The data requirements and idiosyncrasies for health statistics differ from those for patient care.

What are the benefits of EHR data mining?

Rather than relying on vendor-supplied CCDs, mining data directly from EHR tables allows for improved processes that best support the business intelligence and performance management necessary for health systems.

Can EHR-based data mining algorithms be used to select individuals that don't smoke?

Yet, reliable selection of individuals that do not smoke is reliable. Thus, if EHR-based data mining algorithms are used to retrieve information for care or scientific purposes, the effect of time and clinical practice on the outcome, and the implications of misclassification need to be taken into account. Our study has strengths and limitations.

How to extract information from the EHR for scientific evaluation?

Via data mining we can successfully extract information from both structured and unstructured fields in the EHR for scientific evaluations. Data quality evaluation, comparing the EHR information to a reference standard, should be part of the mining process. What is the implication and what should change now?

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